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On my website you find all informations and news about my activities and professional services I provide.

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During my outdoor activities I use “Find me Spot”, GPS localization and rescue system that allow you to be trackable even where there isn’t mobile phone coverage.


For me photography is, first of all, a passion, linked to the nature and the territory.

As photographer I provide the following services:

  1. -photography courses, workshops and travels organization,

  2. -pictures selling,

  3. -personalized photographic services,

  4. -photographic hiking trips

Nature and Hiking Guide

I love the land where i was borned and grew up, but, even more, I love to make discover it to the others.

As nature and hiking guide I provide the following services:

  1. -hiking trips on the italian Riviera

  2. -birdwatching / biowatching trips

  3. -expert advises to realize touristic offers and packets.

Nordic Walking Instructor

Nordic walking is an outdoor sport activity suitable for all, doable in every season.

It’s based on the correct posture, the right way to walk and the proper use of the specific poles.

As nordic walking instructor I provide the following services:

  1. -technique courses organization

  2. -workouts